Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July Part 2

The Christmas in July idea is big with the kids.  Grandma and Grandpa take them shopping in the weeks leading up to the big day and let them pick out stuff they want.  Sometimes they buy it and sometimes they don't.  Sometimes they go back and buy stuff that they said they wanted as a surprise!

And sometimes the bags are bigger than the kids!

Motocross Boy was big on the X-Box stuff this year including a wireless thingy for X-Box live.

Equestrian Girl went for clothes and perfumes.  Bath and Body works will never be the same after her visit there.

The men get fun stuff like golf shirts.

And golf gift certificates.

My sister and I generally get the same things from Mom & Dad so we open them together.  This year is was a nifty pink cordless computer mouse!  We also got dessert plates.  This works good - we have lots of matching dishes so when we go to each other's house and bring dishes to serve, we can leave the dirty one and take a clean one.  Not shown in pictures are the heavy duty floor mats I got for my truck and my sister's big ladder.  We are nothing if not practical!

But we don't look much alike any more, do we?

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