Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer School

I don't have the kids do school during the summer to torture them.  I do it to give some structure to their days and to keep them "in the mode" so we don't have that huge lag in the fall as we struggle to get back on track.  And we aren't talking hours and hours of work either.  Nine assignments plus some pleasure reading.  And before Motocross Boy says that the assignments take forever, let me explain that he started his 9 assignments on Tuesday and was done with everything on Wednesday still leaving PLENTY of time for playing and "doing his own thing".

Motocross Boy's Schedule:

3 math assignments (these are done online - not graded - just has to "master" the problems which means he keeps doing them until he's getting at least 80% of them correct.)

3 science assignments (this is done on his laptop using Switched on Schoolhouse - he aced them all)

3 "geology" assignments (this was his longest assignment but didn't feel like it.  He watched "Yellowstone" in the How the Earth was Made series from the History Channel.  Then he had to write 5 facts that he learned by watching the movie and answer 5 questions written by me.)

That nine assignments sounded like a lot, didn't it?  Until you break it down and see it probably takes about 3 hours total and that includes watching the hour long movie!

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