Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kids and Water

Motocross Boy LOVES to fish.  He doesn't get to do it nearly often enough and doing it on a day when the lake was totally rockin' and rollin' with boats probably wasn't the best day to go.

Equestrian Girl prefers to swim.

When you are almost 13 and haven't had your growth spurt yet, you shouldn't walk next to your younger sister who has had hers.

Equestrian Girl was in the water for hours.  They look like they are praying.  Maybe there were.  It was Sunday after all.

But then she goes and kicks back in a float and drinks beer.  NO!  It was only Mt. Dew and wasn't even hers.

She did make some new friends though.  They've been texting like crazy ever since that day.

These girls became friends too.  Aren't they cute????  I know they belonged to friends of our neighbor but I don't know their names.

Then as dark came on, Motocross Boy decided the end of the dock with a new buddy was THE place to sit to watch the fireworks.

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