Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stanley got his lope back!

Horses:  Stanley got his lope back!  Yes, he had lost it for a while and he's groovin' once again.  Our trainer, Eliza, had Equestrian Girl doing some very specific exercises with him on Friday that seemed to be really working but you just never know if they'll still work when she isn't there.  They did!  The ol' boy was using his butt and was collected and looked awesome.

A rumination:  Am I the only mom around that will not just drop her kid off for a riding lesson and go find something better to do?  Am I the only one that would never forgive herself if something bad happened and I wasn't on watch?  Is it because I ride too and understand the inherent dangers of riding horses?  Even before Equestrian Girl took her famous backwards flying dismount to fracture her kidney (yes, they break!) and spend 8 days in the hospital, I never left her at the barn to ride or take a lesson without me being there.  I don't understand any parent that could do that.  Also don't get any parent that would let their kid ride without real boots or one that would let them ride without a helmet...  

Motocross:  Motocross Boy reports that he is having a relatively good day.  Middle of the pack, only one crash and not a bad one.  More like a "fall over" when he hit some mud in a turn.  Big storm moving in though with lightening in the distance so they might get called.  Two bad crashes there today - one a kid's helmet came off so it must not have been strapped on and the other was a photographer that got hit by a bike - ugly.  

Homeschooling:  I had the best intentions to do this week's lesson plans on Friday but that darn food poisoning kinda messed that up with my need for frequent naps.  So as usual I'm doing it on Friday night...  I've got a light week planned for the kids though.  I want to head over to Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford for MotorMuster this weekend so I plan to have them both doing a little "car" research.  Later this summer they have big plans for taking the Rouge tour with Grandpa - he used to work there.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear Stanley got his lope back. Sometimes they just need a little reminder.
I'm with you, I've never dropped my kids off for a lesson and left them there alone. There are too many things that could go wrong. And as for boots and helmets, well don't get me started. I did a post last month? about helmets and some people just seem to not think they are important even for kids. Hope you're feeling better soon.