Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Just Horses

Horses:  I love horse shows.  I really do.  I love the atmosphere, I love being with my daughter, family and friends.  I love watching really good riders and beautiful horses.  I really do.

Yesterday was our first experience riding as part of a team.  Equestrian Girl had joined the local school's Junior Equestrian Team - this is the middle school team.  The biggest reason was to make friends with like-minded local kids (homeschooled kids are so sheltered and have no friends you know).  It really wasn't about showing since we already had a pretty full show schedule for the year.  Let's just say that yesterday was about the most stressful show situation we've ever had - and Equestrian Girl was only in 6 classes.  I didn't love it.

And today's show is a scratch, or at least it is for us.  The show grounds got hit by a whopper storm this morning and more rain is coming.  And our Stanley needs a break.  He needs a break.
This is a picture of Equestrian Girl and Stanley on the left a millisecond after the bay mare kicked her in the thigh.  She's okay - bad bruise and scrape.

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