Saturday, June 27, 2009


Motocross: The boys headed out to race yesterday afternoon! Motocross Boy practiced last night and will race today. They MIGHT race Sunday depending on the weather. I really wish we had time to make it up there to watch today but its not going to happen. We have way too much to do. I'm crossing my fingers that he does good and nobody gets hurt. That helicopter pad at Baja just puts fear into my blood....

Horses: After practicing backing up the trailer into a "driveway" for about 2 hours yesterday I still had trouble getting it into our OWN driveway. It's in but not straight and not really where I wanted it to be. I actually have a sunburned left arm from hanging out the window to see...but tomorrow morning I'll have to get it into the drive at the barn so we can load Stanley for the horse show! Did I mention the trailer is about 32 feet long? And steel? And a gooseneck?

Today we'll bathe, band and clip and get the boy all pretty after we finish loading the trailer with show clothes, boots, wraps, extra fly spray, etc. The weather is supposed to be a high of 80 with possible thunder storms. No storms please!

Homeschooling: They got all their work done this week!! Yea!!! But that also means I have to do new assignment sheets for Monday and have to get them done today since tomorrow is the show. I seem to be in vacation mode from school too since I'm less than motivated at the moment.

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