Friday, June 12, 2009

I love my vet!

Horses:  I wish I had taken my camera this morning to get pictures of my vet working on our horse.  He's just so good... We were sort of "vet-less" since February when we left our trainer's barn where she used another vet who was quite a bit less expensive. We had used "this" vet before when we first bought our other horse so we did have a bit of a relationship, albeit fairly old.  So this spring I let our barn owner do spring shots since the vet we had been using wouldn't come this far.  But he didn't do Rabies and I was pretty sure West Nile wasn't done...  So I broke down and called Dr. Esterline at Kern Road Vets.  I knew Stanley needed his teeth done and I really wanted him to do a good once over to make sure his hocks were still okay, back wasn't sore, etc.  

Dr. Esterline gives such a great exam and explains everything he is doing very carefully and in plain English.  He let Equestrian Girl feel the sharp points on his teeth before going to work and asked how she would like something sharp in her mouth!  He brings it all down to a level we can understand.  I love that!  Made a few suggestions about supplements and when I told him what we were using he said he was impressed and wouldn't change a thing.  He thought Stanley was in great shape for his age (12) and no doubt would win many ribbons with Equestrian Girl riding him.  

Homeschooling:  They are both done with their work for the week and got nothing less than an 80% on their quizzes!!

Motocross:  The boys worked on cleaning their trailer all day and getting packed up for the weekend.  I always think it takes them way longer than it does us but I think that's because I clean our horse trailer when we get home, not before we leave!  Anyway, just about everything is loaded and they'll take off tomorrow morning to practice at one track for the afternoon and then head up to another one to spend the night and then race there on Sunday.  Us girls are still debating on whether we'll go or not.  If we do, we'll meet the guys half-way to the track on Saturday night and then all ride together.  I'm not sure they want us to go.  We sleep like hotdogs on the grill in the motocross trailer!

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