Monday, June 8, 2009

Motocross Boy

Motocross:  If you aren't familiar with the sport, it involves fast little dirt bikes (bigger bikes for bigger boys of course) and lots of dirt.  The goal is to get around the track the fastest - pretty simple.  But not easy.  The tracks are tough.  There are lots of bumps, ruts, jumps, and turns.  Hair pin turns on banks that are nearly vertical.  Although it can scare the crap out of me, it honestly is fun to watch.  

Motocross Boy loves to ride.  He doesn't care so much that he wins first or does all that great, he just likes to do it.  He doesn't seem to have a super strong competitive spirit - that can drive Dad nuts.  He WANTS him to want to win.  I'm not so sure I do.  He's safer when he's in the back of the pack.  How bad is that?  You put your kid in an incredibly dangerous sport and then want him to hang in the "safe" zone?  Pitiful.  We have an ongoing discussion in our house about which sport is more dangerous - horses or motocross.  Saturday Stanley reared up on Scott and that made his mind up that horses are more dangerous.  Today we found out that one of Motocross Boy's friends broke his leg.  This is right after another one broke a leg and a third broke a wrist.  Hmmmm.  Seems we know more motoboys with broken bones than equestrian girls!

Motocross Boy did manage to get his math and reading done today.  If he did his Social Studies and Science I have yet to see it.  Tomorrow he has to be caught up for the week or no practice on Wednesday...he hasn't ridden in weeks...

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