Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Moanin' (anyone remember Bob Talbert?)

Motocross:  Since I didn't go to the races this weekend, I had to rely on my husband to take pictures.  He thinks he's a better photographer than me because he always gets ONE great picture like this one.  I take hundreds so there is just no comparison.  In my mind anyway!

Horses:  We got to the barn about 3:30 today and Stanley was in the big pasture.  We though for sure it was going to be an ordeal to catch him out there - especially when his little buddy saw us coming and ran to tell him (I SWEAR that's what he did!!!).  But after a brief walk away the curiosity as to what Equestrian Girl had in her hand got the best of him and he was tacked up to ride before he knew what hit him.

We got good news that an old horsey friend bought a new horse and will be boarding at the same place as us!  She was always one of my favorite riding buddies so it will be fun to have her back around.  She is a great organizer so maybe she'll get some of the ladies there rounded up and doing stuff together more...

Homeschool:  The president's secretary of education, Arne Duncan, is really starting to scare me with all his talk about national education standards and cradle to grave tracking of our kid's education...  Living in Michigan we have some of the least restrictive homeschooling laws of any state so I take that right very seriously.  By that I mean I obsessively track and score my children's learning to make sure they are meeting the Michigan education standards just because I don't have to.  We have been very fortunate to have several elected officials now and in the past that were homeschool friendly and no doubt that was as much as an accident as anything since I doubt we have enough homeschoolers in any one area that would carry enough power to vote in a particular representative.  But with national standards ready to upstage state laws, we could see things change in a big hurry....

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