Friday, June 19, 2009

Fantastic Friday

I love this old picture.  There's no reason for it except that stuff like this makes me smile.  I need to has been a stressful week.

Homeschooling:  Some weeks are just  not meant for much to be accomplished but we had a lot of non-traditional learning going on just the same.  I had always considered myself to be pretty good about finding usable teaching moments even before we started homeschooling but it's funny how those moments are even more obvious now.  And especially on days when it doesn't seem like much traditional learning happens!!  Dang but if I can't squeeze some math into a stop at the gas station (how many miles per gallon are we getting - and DO NOT hit the little button on the steering wheel that tells us!) or while cooking dinner (I only have a pound of burger and this recipe calls for a pound and a half.  Anyone want to figure out how to use 3/4 of an egg?)

Horses:  Made a quick trip over for Equestrian Girl to ride Stanley and so we could put the thrush meds on his hooves again.  They are starting to look better and I can't wait for the new farrier to come next week.  I'm also hoping that it stop raining so the paddock can dry out again.  That mud just gets PACKED in his feet right now and after it dries in there its a nightmare to get out.

Motocross:  Moto-Dad put a deposit down on an Excursion today - that will be the new moto-trailer hauling rig.  Keep fingers crossed that it's a better used purchase than the "Stupid Dodge" (think Shrek and Stupid Donkey) we have now.

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