Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it the weather? Full moon?

Homeschooling:  Left Dad in charge at home this morning so I could go work the paying job (not that it worked out so well...more later) and in charge of the kiddos and school work.  Miss Equestrian Girl, my star student who was very excited to get her work done before her friend came over this afternoon when public school got out...didn't get it all done.  Far from it actually.  I won't even mention what Motocross Boy didn't do...

So is it the weather?  A full moon?  Seriously, these children are failing me!  Or is it me that's failing them?  Maybe we need to step back and reflect on what we are asking.  Or maybe we just need to crack the whip!!  Just kidding.  Kinda.  

Horses:  Stanley is now on Day 3 of his vacation.  Tomorrow it's back to half-reality.  We have no plans to work him hard or anything but Equestrian Girl is going to go play with him.  IF she gets her school work done!  If not, then I go ride him for a while.  He gets Thursday off again and Friday it's work - lesson AND the vet comes.  He still needs a few immunizations and he might get his teeth floated (Why do they call it that?  There's no floating involved.  It's all filing and grinding and incredibly painful looking if you ask me... Maybe because they give the horse good drugs and he/she gets all floaty?).

Motocross:  This really has to do more with my comment about the paying job than motocross but it is slightly related.  I drove the husband's diesel truck this morning.  I had to reasons:  first I would really like to reduce the number of miles on my truck and second, mine was still attached to the horse trailer which means cranking that baby up and down twice to get it off the truck and I didn't want to get sweaty.  Good reasons!  So I'm tooling  along the x-way with a little more than 1/8 of a tank and thinking what great gas mileage we are getting since I'm almost on 500 miles for that tank of fuel, and I don't seem to be accelerating quite right - the truck is sort of coughing.  I actually thought it was the transmission and figured I had better get over since I was in the left lane with no shoulder to speak of.  

Moved over one lane with foot off the accelerator and then onto the shoulder but OMG my brakes don't work!!!  OMG neither does my power steering!!  OMG there is a HUGE drop off on the other side of the guard rail and I'm coming up to a bridge and there is no more side to the road!!!  Apparently God heard me because I came to a rolling stop 2 full truck lengths before the bridge - the fact I was going uphill helped.

So apparently I ran out of fuel.  And apparently because it's an older diesel, you can't just add more and make it run again.  Air gets in the fuel lines and needs to be bled out.  So a second tow truck comes (2 hours after this all started) and took me to our mechanic.  And here's the tie into motocross - his son races motocross.

Five hours later I was on my way back home $200 poorer and still never made it to work...

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