Sunday, September 5, 2010

Horsemanship Sweepstakes

Equestrian Girl's favorite class is horsemanship.  This class is judged on the rider and usually involves riding a pattern that would include all three gaits, backing up, and a pivot.  Stanley is also really good at this class so this show, they decided to enter the Sweepstakes class to see if they could win a little money!
The young man in the orange shirt is her competition.  Equestrian Girl watches the judge setting up the cones and tries to work out in her mind how the pattern will go compared to how it was written on paper.

The judge asks if they have any questions and Equestrian Girl jumps at the chance.  We agree, you ALWAYS ask questions if the judge asks!  You never know when they might give you some little pointer that will help you win the class.

Motocross Boy was in charge of photos for this class.  He got the beginning just as they came around the second cone.
And he got the end just as they walked off.

But luckily I had grabbed the video camera and got the whole thing!

Even though there were only 2 in this class, Equestrian Girl kicked the young man's butt but good.  She had a really, really nice ride and his ride...not so nice.  She won more for the class than we paid!

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