Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baja Brawl 2010 Friends

We've made a lot of good friends through motocross - both adults and kids!  Motocross parents are generally pretty cool.  

This is Frank having an important discussion with Scott.

Frank has a cool wife and kids too.

This is Steve and his dog.  That's his son in front of him.  He's a UPS guy.  All UPS guys are cool.

This kid is cool just because he found himself a comfy chair and parked in it for about 3 hours.

Motocross Boy is cool.

Especially when he starts his bike on the stand and watches the smoke come out the exhaust.

This little guy was cool because he kept coming up to the back of the trailer and watching me read.

Motocross Boy has cool friends.  The one in the middle belongs to Frank.  The one on the right belongs to Richard.

Technically these people aren't motocross friends.  We've known them since before we were married.  Scott went to high school with Karl, the guy on the right.

This is cool Tammi.  She's married to the cool UPS guy.

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