Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Last Show of the Season

While Equestrian Girl still has 4 more horse shows this year, I did my last one of the season on the 22nd since I just do our open shows.  I have had sooooo much fun!  The first show was intimidating even though I knew everyone.  I came out with such bad cotton mouth I didn't think I could talk.  But it's gotten a little easier each time and I've just plain enjoyed it - including the sore muscles the next day.  I really need to ride more often!

Equestrian Girl is a good coach - she gives me LOTS of tips and hints before I go in the show ring.  She's a fierce competitor and WANTS me to win!  I'm not nearly so competitive...

We had 4 in our class this time.  My buddy Mark of course and the lady in the blue is a friend of a friend.

I wore this crazy smile a lot.

Me and the friend of a friend ended up near each other more than you would have thought.  Her horse was much faster than Stanley so that was weird.

More of that happy smile!  And I honestly had no idea where Scott was to even smile for the camera.

Still smiling!

Here we are in the line up after the Equitation class.  Friend of a friend is on the far left, then Mark.  I'm in the middle.  The girl on the while horse was new this show and was obviously the only one riding hunt seat and was a good bit younger than the rest of us.  I'm not sure about the lady on the right - this was her first show too.  That's friend Sandhya and her horse Tom coming in behind us on the rail!

Stanley and I looked over to congratulate white horse girl when they announced she placed 3rd.  She was all smiles about it!

I placed 1st in pleasure, 2nd in equitation and 1st in trail!!!

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