Friday, September 17, 2010

The Baja Brawl 2010

The Baja Brawl is one of the biggest races of the year - 3 days over Labor Day weekend with over 3000 people in attendance racing and watching.  The track becomes a small town with a LOT of testosterone. It's also one of my least favorite race weekends of the year.  The whole environment makes me nervous and this year was no exception.  Thank God nothing bad happened.

Motocross Boy on the other hand LOVES this race weekend.  It's as much about the social as it is about racing.  He's got a whole small town jammed into a few acres and he knows 80% of them.  He's a very social kid.  Don't let anyone tell you homeschooled kids aren't socialized.  Introduce them to Motocross Boy.  He knows everyone and everyone knows him.

The start of the race is my favorite and probably MB's as well since he does really good off the start gate.

Here he is on the gate with Dad, his friend Daniel, and Daniel's dad Dan.

All lined up and waiting for the gates to drop.

And they are off!  You can see Motocross Boy on the yellow bike looking like he's in 4th but this is a big curve so it's really hard to tell.  Everyone changes positions very fast.

Still looks like he's in fourth but he's gaining.

Now he's definitely in the lead - you can't even see the other bikes behind the cattails.

Uh oh, here they come and they are coming fast!

And the other kid pulls ahead taking the hole shot.  Bummer.

From the starting gate to the hole shot line is all of about 15 seconds.  A lot can change in 15 seconds!

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