Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Different?

Yesterday's post was about Hunter Under Saddle Class or as known at Open Shows - English Pleasure since we do occasionally have riders going Saddle Seat.  So what's different about this group of photos to indicate it's a different class?

Equestrian Girl and Morgan Girl sharing a quiet minute while watching something interesting in the show ring.  See the horse's ears all pointing towards where they are watching?

We've been working hard on getting Equestrian Girl to keep her chin up and LOOK up.  She got a little carried away here and apparently cracked herself up.

This is better.

Turning to look where you are going is also good.

And this one she just looks plain happy.

More contemplative...

So what was the difference between this class and the last one?  This one was equitation so it is judged on the rider and not the horse.  How can I tell?  Equestrian Girl wears her red shirt for pleasure and white for equitation!

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