Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School...sorta

We did pretty good this summer sticking to a summer school schedule of sorts.  Most weeks had only 9 assignments and there were plenty of weeks where we kicked back and didn't do any school at all.  Those were usually weeks where we had a lot going on...the week of acting camp, the week of 4th of July, etc.  But however we did it, I'm convinced that it does help keep them fresher for the heavier fall schedule with less need to back track.  The few assignments they had certainly didn't get in the way of their summer fun!!

I haven't changed all that much up for this year.  Equestrian Girl is using almost all Switched on School House curriculum.

She still uses Aleks for math but she's using SOS for Language Arts, Science, History & Geography and Health.  Spanish is the online version of SOS called Monarch.  Of course she also has current events using the Student News on CNN and an online keyboarding lesson that tracks her progress.

Motocross Boy has a bit more variety but that's okay.  He also uses Aleks for math and SOS for Language Arts and Science.  Monarch covers his Social Studies and he uses BrainPop for Arts & Music and Health & Fitness.  He's lucky enough to have BOTH keyboarding and handwriting (big reason for that!) and while he hates current events, he gets to do that too.

I think we are off to a good start.  This week was still slightly abbreviated with only 15 assignments since we had a holiday Monday and have to leave for a horse show Friday.  Next week will be full steam ahead with 25 assignments every week!  Yahoo!!!

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