Thursday, May 27, 2010

Horse shows and Motocross races for Memorial Day weekend

It's another divided weekend for our family...girls will head to Mason for a big Paint horse show and the boys head out to Millington for a big weekend of racing.

While we all enjoy having a little extra sleeping space with just 2 in each trailer, we miss being all together.  When it's just a day or two, it's no big deal but this is 4 whole days since we leave early on Friday...

I've been reading some interesting stuff on teaching kids independence.  While we aren't exactly the hovering type of parents, we haven't given the kids much freedom around the neighborhood until recently. They both have had a considerable amount of freedom at horse shows and motocross races which has probably helped, especially Motocross Boy.  He seems to crave and want that independence much more so than Equestrian Girl.  Yet he's the one we are less likely to trust to be off on his own since he tends to be a little less mature.  Funny how that happens!

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Aldercreek said...

Hope you had a good weekend in Mason - I've been to that show in the past and it's fun. Good weather for a show too, even if it's a little hot. Do you ever go to the ShoMe the Money shows at MSU? I'm thinking I'm going to try out the next one, which is in two weeks. I made it to my first show in a couple of years last weekend, with good results in the end, so now I have the bug again! Maybe I'll run into you at one this summer.