Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catching Up - Memorial Day Weekend Events

Considering Memorial Day weekend lasted 5 days for us and I only had 2 days to recover before we were heading off for another full weekend, it's little surprise that I'm behind!

Since I have no pictures from Motocross - I'll start with that.

Motocross:  Motocross Boy had a GREAT weekend!  He came in 7th out of 15, 13th out of 20 and 16th out of 23 - very middle of the pack with no falls and ran strong.  He even was 2nd in a couple of the hole shots which helped - getting out in front of the pack keeps you in front longer as others have to fight to get past you in all the twists and turns on the track.  We were all very happy with his rides and he's now in the top 20 for GLMX - Great Lakes Motocross Club.

Horses:  The APHA Memorial Day Weekend Show is a big one.  Saturday classes had 4 judges and from what I was told, it was one of the biggest Memorial Day weekend show in a very long time.  This all adds up to mean the show goes very, very slow.  Equestrian Girl's first class was Youth Halter Geldings.  Little chance of placing in a class this big with a horse that really isn't a halter horse!

Next up was Showmanship.  I tried to get video but it cut off on me!  Booo!!!  Especially since they got three 1st places and one 3rd out of the 4 judges!

Hunt seat classes started by mid-afternoon (there were halter mares classes after showmanship).  The team didn't do so good in these classes - we aren't sure why.  Apparently these judges like the bigger hunter type horses.

Western classes got going around dinner time - or maybe it was later but by then I was starting to lose track of time.  They had some decent middle of the pack placings in these classes and a couple of 1st in horsemanship!

It was getting REALLY late when they finally set up the trail course.  The only thing keeping me going was knowing we could sleep in on Sunday since it was just fun stuff and no real classes.  Last year we didn't even do trail because it didn't start until well after midnight.  This year it was still before midnight - by a hair.

I would have been a disaster in this class and I had to give ol' Stanley credit for hauling his butt around that course so late at night.  They got two 4th's and two 5ths out of 9 in the class.  Not bad considering how tired we were.

After taking out the fake tail, giving Stanley more hay and water, and picking his stall, we hit the sack and slept HARD!

The next be continued.

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sounds like a very good, but very long day!