Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've had more than one good pop of lightening make me jump.  Last summer at a horse show there were even a few that made me squeak.  But the one Saturday night about 8:00 made me scream.  I'm pretty sure it hit the big maple tree close to the front of our house.  Motocross Boy was closest and was playing XBox. He said he felt a shock come through his hands.  I was next and while I didn't 'feel' anything, I saw a puff of smoke from the tree.

I was actually kind of surprised the power didn't go out.  It sounded like it had hit a transformer and we have one heck of a big transformer right across the street.  And then a few minutes later, Scott says we don't have any water.   Equestrian Girl had been brushing her teeth and it sputtered and then quit.

Of course I had to run to the kitchen to turn on the faucet to see if it were true.  It was.  Huh.  Maybe the breaker had tripped?  Nope.  Uh oh...could the lightening bolt have fried our well pump that is only about 25 feet from the tree?

$1400 later I can positively confirm that yes, lightening can take out your well pump.

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