Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On a whim we went to Alma...

Saturday morning while waiting for the well pump to be replaced, we found out that our friend Shannon (with the Gypsy that went to Equine Affair) was doing an open show in Alma, MI today.  She really wanted us to come up when she found out we weren't racing.  So Equestrian Girl and I tossed around the idea while we each took our showers and then...we went!  It's almost 2 hours due north of us and we didn't leave until after noon.  As we got closer, Shannon called us to say the show was breaking for a 30 minute lunch and then there were 4 classes before her first one.  We figured we were fine.  A  little while later, Shannon's husband Don called and said there were two more classes until Shannon's.  Gulp.  No time to spare!  

We literally ran up to the arena as Shannon entered for her class!  It was a casual show with no show clothes but they looked great and Ace was moving so pretty in their Western Pleasure class.  I think I got a minute or two of video but we were in a bad spot to take video so I quit.  I WOULD have taken pictures but the camera queen managed to bring a camera with a dead battery!!!  I was sooooo mad!!!

After Shannon's class she asked EG if she wanted to ride him in WP for her age group which of course was a resounding YES!!  So off we went to registration with Don while Shannon took Ace back to the trailer.  When we got there we figured out that there really wasn't enough time with having to change stirrup length and warm up so instead we entered them in the Western Equitation class.  That meant Shannon had her Eq class first and then EG and then they were done for the day.

I think I taped all of Shannon's Eq class but haven't checked yet.  She ended up getting 2nd place to go with her 4th in WP and 4th in Trail.  We had 3 classes until EG's class so Shannon and Don quickly went to work getting stirrups adjusted for EG and telling her "how" to ride Ace.  She rode him once last winter for about 20 minutes in a very small indoor arena and that was before he really knew how to lope!  Considering her legs are about 10 inches longer than Shannon's (and mine), Ace figured out her cues quick enough and seemed pretty comfortable with her and in they went.  Got out the Flip to video...and it quit after a minute or two (maybe full or maybe batteries?) so I whipped out the cell phone to video.  Got lots on there but the sun was so bright I couldn't see what I was doing and hit erase instead of save!!  There were six other girls in the class whom I am sure all knew each other quite well and had to have been wondering where this girl on the goofy hairy horse had come from.  They were all on stock horses.  And just like that...she won!

We were all cracking up.  Shannon has wanted EG to show Ace so when she goes to sell him she can advertise that he's been shown by a youth.  She never expected to say that a 12 year old took him in a class after riding him for 15 minutes and won with him!  Granted, it was an Equitation class which is judged more on the rider than the horse but still!!  I have no doubt they would have won the pleasure class too...

We'll be going back up to their June 19-20 show where Equestrian Girl will actually show Ace in all the classes for her age group in show clothes.  They "mystery girl" will be back!

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