Friday, May 14, 2010


Motocross Boy's first race ended with an slight injury at Log Road.  He told us he was giving up racing for the season.

Within days he was ready to race again and headed out for practices.  Another "first race of the season" was scheduled and the weather was beyond horrible.  Equestrian Girl and I opted to stay home even though it was his "first race".  I was pretty sure there wasn't going to be much racing.  They ran one moto and quit.  They were lucky the mud didn't swallow the trailer.

So then a third "first race of the season" finally took place last weekend while we were at our first show of the season.  Motocross Boy got both hole shots!!  First moto he took 2nd and in the second moto he came in 5th after a fall let almost everyone pass him up.  Dad didn't take a single picture...grrrrrr!!

Sunday is another race at MPX so we'll head out there tomorrow night to camp over to be there bright and early for racing!!!  This time we'll have pictures.  For sure.

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