Saturday, May 22, 2010

Setting up camp at Motocross

Motocross:  Last weekend we headed up to Sebewaing in the Michigan Thumb for some racing!  We pulled in Saturday evening to some pretty soggy ground.  It had been raining a LOT.

First order of business is to set up camp.
These are the backs of our new reclining camp chairs.  They are GREAT for napping in!  I think Scott was afraid of napping so he sat in one of the old ones.  Note the racing camp carpet.

One of the first things I always do is to set up the bed.  Bed as in singular.  The bed starts out as a dinette and couch.  This picture doesn't do it justice since the dinette is already collapsed and the couch is loaded with all the blankets and pillows.
With a little effort and re-arranging while climbing around on your knees, it ends up looking like this:

Yes, all four of us sleep here like hot dogs.  And yes, the left side is higher than the right side and there's also about a 3-4 inch gap between the two.  By criss-crossing the two sleeping bags, it keeps the person from falling in what we affectionately call 'the ditch'.  This person is usually Motocross Boy.  It sort of holds him in place when he gets wedged in so he's not flopping around so much.  Equestrian Girl gets the left window side and Scott gets the right window side.  Yes, that leaves me in the middle between the two kids.  Not sure how....

We hadn't barely unloaded when the kids spotted an pick up baseball game across the field that looked like it could use a few more people.  They grabbed the mitts kept in the trailer and headed out to play.
Most motocross tracks are in the middle of nowhere.  Sebewaing isn't exactly "somewhere" but its next to the Pioneer Sugar factory.  The town of Sebewaing is only a mile away so no doubt they can probably hear the racing on windy days but they only do 8 race days there, never start before 9 a.m. and are usually done by 6.  Considering the number of people the races bring to town, I guess they feel it's worth the bit of noise.  And my guess is that the sugar doesn't mind!

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