Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Racing at MPX part 2

Equestrian Girl is starting to like going to the races since there are....boys there.  Oh dear.  Luckily most of the time she just hangs out with other sisters like these two with one of their mom's.
The one in the purple shirt is actually older than Equestrian Girl but EG is very tall for her age and the other girl is very short.  The girl in the middle is only 10 so she's just average.

The start of the race is rather heart thumping as all the bikes roar to life at once as the gates drop and they take off.  It's loud.  Really loud.
 Then they start pulling away and spreading out some as they go into the "hole" which usually involves a  rather narrow turn and where lots of crashes happen though many fewer than you would actually expect.  But sometimes you can't see them because of the dust.

The end.  No not really!  Then I just go find a new place to stand so I can see the race and take more pictures.  I want to go where this photographer is so I can get better pictures:
I guess I should consider myself lucky that my zoom lens with some creative cropping does a pretty good job.  Sometimes I even accidently get cool pictures like this one:
It amazes me that the camera knew I was focusing on Motocross Boy #55 and not the tire that zipped in front of me.

And then it's over.

And Motocross Boy flies off into the sunset.  Or over the sugar factory as it may be!

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