Monday, May 24, 2010

Racing at MPX part 1

Motocross:  Last Sunday started out bright and sunny for racing.  But windy - a brisk north wind coming in off Lake Huron kept it on the chilly side even though the temp was about 70.  The track started out a bit muddy too.
You can see how wet the infield was in this picture.  The roads into the track were like this too.  Ick.

But racing in the mud is all a part of the game and the riders hit it with enthusiasm and speed!
Motocross Boy was entered in 3 races.  Two with his 85cc Suzucki:
And then the trail class with his Kowasaki 110 cc bike:
Motocross Boy isn't the sky jumper like some of these kids are but this pic makes it look like he is!!
We were camped next to a family that has a boy Motocross Boy's age that races and they had a teen boy there with them that was racing as well.  Supposedly young man is quite the racer and he did do very well.  A group of men decided to distract him as he came around a corner close to where we were all camped with this:
Middle aged men shouldn't do this.
But they sure thought they were hilarious!

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