Friday, July 8, 2016

Two and a Half Weeks of Construction Zone Living

When you move into a house that needs a total cosmetic do-over inside, you have to be pretty strategic.  While living in the house for 2.5 weeks with the flooring already torn out and painting started, I had to carefully plan how to set up housekeeping since it will all need to juggle soon when they spend three days putting in all new laminate flooring throughout the house.

I needed my office set up (this nook in the kitchen makes for a great spot for it) though the file cabinets are still empty with the contents in boxes in a closet.

This patio furniture is lightweight and can be moved easily from room to room or outside when the floor is being done but gives me somewhere to sit and relax between work.

A folding table pitch hits as a dining table - it can be put away in a jiffy.

Austin's futon came with me from my little bedroom at the old house.  While not the most comfortable place to sleep, it's semi- portable and easy enough to move to Austin's room in my new house after they get the floor done in his room.  The lovely sleeping bag has been my "comforter" for 6 months now.

 I had wanted to wait to put my new bedding on when I set up my old 4 poster bed but I couldn't do it.  I love, love, love having an all white bed in my all white house!

These cube cabinets will also go to Austin's room with the bed.  The curio cabinet is one I painted and will eventually hold my grandma and mom's old tea cups.  The chair is one I refinished and reupholstered.

And that's all I have for now.  Lots of decorating to get done after the floors go in!

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