Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Beds are obviously pretty important.  Since I was pretty much "camping" until the floors went in, the kids didn't have beds here.  Well, technically Austin's bed was here but I was using it because it was lighter and easier to move while installing the floors.  So as soon as the floors were done, we hooked up the horse trailer and went back to get our beds and set them up.

Madison's was first.  Free mattress, box springs and the cool metal bed frame courtesy of our neighbor, Jeff.

My bed became a bit of an issue.  The frame we thought would attached to my headboard didn't.  It was only a double and didn't have the right bottom ends on it.  Not that it mattered since the mattress I had ordered from Costco hadn't shown up yet.  But Madison insisted we set it up anyway pushing the futon to the side in front the of the bathroom.

It kind of made it awkward going to the bathroom - I literally rolled out of bed into the bathroom!

 And then the mattress came!  In this small box.  Small but 125 lbs heavy box.  Bed was set up but I was home alone...  While it outweighed me by a bit....

I won!  With some careful maneuvering, my bed in a box became a mattress on my bed!

All made up in white - I have always wanted white on my bed...and now I have it!

Last we made up Austin's bed and got him situated.

My little house is finally coming together!

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