Friday, July 22, 2016

And it's feeling like home!

I still don't have much in the way of furniture but it's cozy for now!

I'm using a set of wicker patio furniture and my dad's old Eames rocker.  The TV is on a coffee table the former owners of this place left behind as not worthy of taking.  I'd agree, but it works for now.

No room for my old treadmill but my little exercise bike has found a spot.

My bedroom has furniture.  My old four poster bed from when I was a kid and this old vanity that I bought at a flea market to refinish.  The chair is also one I repainted and recovered.

I brought this shower curtain with me from the other house because I liked it so much.

At some point, I'd like to paint these cabinets but for now, they look just fine!

I'm open for visitors!  Stop on by!

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