Monday, July 11, 2016


I have done a crazy amount of painting in this house.  I started with closets - every single closet was painted top to bottom.  Then I painted my bedroom and bathroom.  The kids each painted their own rooms with some help on the trim and doorways.  Next was the dining room and living room.  Both were huge projects with some lovely brown walls to cover up along with some badly yellowed white walls.

The hallway was also that lovely shade of chocolate brown that made it look like a cave.  I replaced the light fixture with one replaced in a bedroom with a ceiling fan, and got it painted white.

The side of the living room going to the master bedroom.

What I really couldn't wait to do was the kitchen.  With it's red and green walls and wall paper board, it was hideous at best, even with good bones.  It's a huge kitchen with stainless steel appliances, nice range hood, built in microwave and oven, even enough room for my office and/or an eat in kitchen area.  But the read and green...

 Austin and my mom worked heard to get the boarder off.  It was glued on there but good!

The green on some walls was a particularly awful shade of green.  And with the red on the other walls and the bluish-gray tile....ugh!

 The transformation was slow but oh how good it made me feel to see it coming together!

Pulling out the fridge meant a quick cleaning job first but then some fresh white paint was waiting!

Little by little I climbed on ladders and counter tops covering up all those colors with WHITE!

Everything ended up in the middle of the kitchen for a couple of days but it was so worth it!

Since I was also painting all the fake wood trim around the doors and window, it was a tedious job.  All of that required 2-3 coats.  The red and green walls took two coats of the guaranteed one coat Behr paint (Hello Behr???).

But as I rounded that last corner....AH!!!!!!  How can white paint make anyone so freaking happy as it does me?

In the mean time, Dad decided he couldn't stand the front door another minute being all smoker's yellowed against my fresh white paint.  We pulled off this door stopper thing and  you could see what color that door USED to be originally.  Wow!

And my fantastic pops went to work (adding to his list of 500 other things he had already done!).

Mom was also hard at work scraping out the old caulk around the sinks in both bathrooms and the kitchen.

After cutting in the door..

And finally down to the last little bit!!  Oh my gosh it looks sooooooooo much better!!

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