Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where is OUR snow?

While the central eastern states get buried in snow right now, here we sit in Michigan without even enough snow to cover ALL of the grass. That is soooo not right. It's cold, windy and sunny. And no snow. This is just not right.

Horses: The Equestrian Team meeting the other night was a non-event. The people "in charge" had already made the decision to bring in an assistant coach and keep the guy who has been doing it until they find real reason to get rid of him. They let everyone have their say but it was a waste of breath. I was disappointed at some of the slanderous remarks made by some people that really weren't called for - this will get back to the kids and they still all go to school together (a very, very small school) even if there were to be no equestrian team. There was already some hard feelings and by letting the parents speak out like this it sure didn't help matters any. The parents who want the coach fired will still want him fired and the ones that don't will still support him. I think both sides were okay with bringing in an assistant coach, the role I sort of filled last year, but it didn't make the problem go away.

Equestrian Girl and I have a lesson later this afternoon! We didn't do one last weekend because of the move and all. I don't want to cut back on lessons to make up our increase in board but we might have to do that sometimes. I am talking to the barn owners, who also own a feed store, about getting my dog food for me. If they can get something similar for a better price, then I'll switch and that will be another savings. I feel like we are cutting corners left and right but still never have enough!

And I think we have another expense on the near horizon. Stanley has been getting really cinchy lately. I have to believe it's that dumb synthetic saddle that doesn't fit all that great since he doesn't seem to mind the cinch on the English saddle or the show saddle... Sigh. Always something when it comes to horses.

Homeschooling: Motocross Boy continually amazes me. This week he banged out more than a week's worth of math in about 2 hours and got every single assignment done with very little argument. Some stuff he emails to me so I can see his grades and all day at work I had them popping up telling me he was getting it done! I LOVE that! And Equestrian Girl is really close to finishing her grade level math so now she's on a mission to finish it TODAY. How many kids "want" to do school work on Saturday even though it doesn't mean they have any less to do on Monday?


TCavanaugh said...

Sorry to hear about the coaching situation. Some people don't think about how it will affect others when they exercise their right to free speech. sigh

Glad the kids are doing so well! Hope the lesson this weekend goes well!

Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

Wow - maybe your kids' math impetus could rub off on my kids?? I'll send some writing or history your way, if you need it in exchange :-). Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, exercise is so important, especially during the cold winter months. I can't believe I forgot to mention it in my post! Hope you get your snow soon!