Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expert Witness

Tonight I have to go to a meeting of parents for the Junior Equestrian Team...I'm sort of an "expert witness". We aren't even on the team this year because of a scheduling conflict that would put us at a Paint show the same day as the one and only meet. But one child's parents have made it their mission in life to get the coach "fired" because he asked them to put a red ribbon on their horse's tail because of it's history of kicking (my daughter suffered one of those kicks last year). Without a doubt we have way more show experience than any other family and while I don't agree with everything the coach does, I've never met two trainers that would EVER agree on everything! Horse people tend to be pretty opinionated and have their own way of doing things. This coach is no exception. But he has enabled a whole lot of kids to learn to ride and show that would not have otherwise had such an opportunity - and for that I admire the guy and owe him respect. His heart is in the right place. So in a few minutes I'll stand up in front a bunch of people and say that Coach Bob deserves to remain coach.

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TCavanaugh said...

Good isn't always easy to do the right thing. I don't belive it is unreasonable to mark the "kicking" offender. It helps remind those less experienced to watch their space.