Sunday, February 7, 2010

Princess for a Day

Horses - sorta: Next weekend we have the Michigan Paint Horse Club awards banquet for the 2009 season. This was Equestrian Girl's first year showing on the Paint circuit, first year riding canter (and not just walk/trot) and first year on Stanley. As I've said before, she had a phenomenal year and will be picking up LOTS of awards at the banquet.

As homeschoolers, we don't have reason to get dressed up much. I don't require uniforms for school. Heck, I don't even require clothes since 99% of the time school work gets done wearing pajamas! When we do get out of the house, we tend to be in jeans and sweatshirts to go to the barn. In other words, my kids don't have much in the way of dress clothes. So I agreed to take Equestrian Girl shopping for a DRESS! This kid hasn't wanted to wear a dress since she was about 6 years old. Prior to age 6 I could dress her in just about anything - and did. She very often spent the whole weekend wearing adorable coordinated outfits with matching berets and tights handed down from a friend who could afford to buy stuff like that.

Equestrian Girl has evolved. She's 12 now. She's aware of boys and likes to look nice. She worries about her hair and likes to wear a little makeup when we go out. So off we went yesterday to find a "simple little dress" to wear to the banquet which I've been told is "dressy casual". "The Princess" just HAD to try on some ultra fancy dresses...

A little black least she pulled off the white sweat socks.

Not many can wear yellow...

She loved this one and kept calling it a "Princess Dress". It had jewels sewn on all around the top of the bodice. It was really short...

This one was our favorite. Extremely elegant and simple. The one she would wear for the Miss America contest.
Alas, Equestrian Girl had to come back down to earth after playing princess in the Kohls and JC Penney dressing rooms and we settled on a very cute skirt and blouse number and some black patent leather flats. Much more appropriate for a 12 year old going to a horse show banquet!

Homeschooling: The math race is on! Both kids are closing in on completing their "pie" in Aleks math and want to move UP a level. Equestrian Girl was doing extra math yesterday and today Motocross Boy has told Dad he wants to get a jump on it (last week they did 11 topics when they only NEEDED to do 5!!!!). Yowsa!

We still haven't started the Switched on Schoolhouse Language Arts and Science curriculums yet - just haven't had time to dig in to them myself to see how they work. Hopefully this week I'll have time since it looks like we might get...SNOW!!!!


OnTheBit said...

you should buy her a dress (and get one for yourself) and treat yourselves to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant sometime (or just get dressed up and go for desert!) I am sure she will have a blast at the banquet.

TCavanaugh said...

Those were some gorgeous dresses. Congratulations on the awards she will be receiving.

Great job kids with the extra math work!

How will it work when they are old enough for prom? Is there a homeschooling network? Or an agreement with a neighboring school? Just curious...I don't mean to be offensive.

PaintCrazy said...

TC - you aren't being offensive! Lots of people wonder about stuff like that with homeschoolers!

We belong to several homeschooling groups and all have a "prom" or "graduation dance". My kids can also go to the prom at the local school even though they don't attend school there - just like they can play sports there if they so choose. Not all school districts allow things like this but ours does. Probably because we have a pretty big homeschooling community around here and the with the district being so small, they actually NEED the homeschooling kids to fill out the teams!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure you will have a great time at the awards banquet. Your daughter looks beautiful in all those 'princess' dresses and I'm sure what she eventually bought will look wonderful too. Have fun.

Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

Equestrian Girl sure looked like a princess in those dresses! Congrats on the awards.

I'm not sure I would have picked up "Love & War" off the shelf, but I have really enjoyed reading it. It was a refreshing retake on other dry marriage books I've read before.

AOP said...

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Pony Girl said...

Oh, good idea, go out to dinner or somethings special!
I can just tell the two of you are going to have fun shopping for her prom and wedding, LOL! :) She's such a cutie!
Is she still riding Saddlebreds, or did she give up on that?