Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Horsey Weekend

Horses: Sunday was a big day. We loaded up our Stanley horse and moved him to a new barn. There were a lot of reasons behind the move but one of the big ones was the quality of care. When we started out at Legend Land we were very happy but as time when on and they brought in more horses, little things started cropping up. The list kept getting longer and my frustration greater. Just before Christmas we made the decision to go "barn shopping". We are lucky to live in an area that has a LOT of boarding barns but once you eliminate the breed specific and discipline specific barns and ones that have an in-house trainer, there aren't many left! Oddly enough, one of the first ones we went to see ended up being our favorite. It's not a brand new barn but had been empty and in foreclosure for a long time. The new owners are doing a fantastic job getting it up and running and in only 6 weeks with no advertising have filled 22 stalls!

The day we moved in, 7 other horses had arrived earlier, so I think Stanley thought we were at a horse show since there were so many new and confused horses there.

After he had checked out his stall and seemed comfortable, we tacked up and took him for a ride in the HUGE arena.

Every stall has a big window like this so the barn is really light and airy. There will be great ventilation in there this summer!

Stanley loved the hay they feed! It's much nicer than what he had before though he does have to transition to the new stuff so the old is getting mixed in for now. Same with his feed.

On Monday I was supposed to help Erin move her two boys to a new barn. I had to be somewhere at 1:30 and we were getting short on time when AT&T was late getting to her house. I ended up not being able to help so she took her mom... I feel so bad that I wasn't there. Her Morab, Casey, backed up in the trailer before her mom got the door closed tight knocking her down on the ice and gravel. At first they thought she had just scraped up her leg where Casey's hoof grazed it but later in the truck she started talking non-sense. Erin's a nurse so she knew right away that she must have hit her head and had a concussion. They quick dropped the horses at the new barn where the wonderful horse people there totally took over to take care of settling in her horses while she took her mom to the hospital.

It did turn out to be a concussion and she now has complete memory recall except for the actual accident itself (which is just as well). Last night I helped her move the big tack closet that I was supposed to help with the day before. THAT was comical! I'm small. Erin's smaller. Laurie was at the barn and helped - she's smaller yet. Lindsay pitched in and isn't any bigger than any of us. All of them are young - very young. Not much experience moving big things! I was laughing - so much it made it hard to move that big thing. But we finally got it loaded and drove over to the new barn where Erin will be boarding her boys. We got it out without much even and loaded back onto the dolly and wouldn't fit through the door!! Apparently Miss Erin hadn't measured...

After some wiggling and jiggling and juggling around we found a corner where it fit relatively well without being too much in the way of anything else and I bid the lovely ladies there farewell to get home for some much needed dinner!


Pony Girl said...

Glad you found a new place for Stanley! I have never seen a stall with a window in it (that opens like a real window in a house) how cool. It looks like a nice place!
I'm glad your friend's mom was okay. Concussions are scary, I'm glad they knew the signs and were able to get her to the doctor.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog about my saddleseat riding! :) I can't wait for my second lesson!

Julie said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog!