Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movin' on up!

Motocross: Hasn't been much to write about motocross this winter with nowhere to practice...but a couple of weeks ago Motocross Boy made the decision to sell his KTM 65 and go full time with his Suziki 85. Scott found a second 85 up north for a good price and put a down payment on it...except to pay for it meant selling the little bikes. He put both the 65 and the 110 on Craig's List and today they sold the 65!!

We also had a talk with Motocross Boy about whether he was racing just for fun or if he really wants to be competitive in this sport. He's kind of at that point where he needs to start putting a lot more effort into it if he wants to be seriously competitive...but I'm not sure he's mature enough to make that kind of decision even if his age is dictating it. I have no doubt he enjoys racing and has fun 99% of the time but he also gets very frustrated when he doesn't do well even though it's usually because he didn't do what he was told and what he's been taught. His lack of impulse control gets the best of him.

Horses: At her last lesson Equestrian Girl worked hard on picking up the correct diagonal without looking or even peaking and we practiced it all week. She worked on it a bit today and was nailing it every time! Then Kim let them move out to use the whole arena at a hunt trot and then a canter. Stanley LOVES when he gets to move out like that and you could just see it all over his face! It's just too cute. But then the fun was over and it was time to lope but the ol' guy just wasn't in the mood apparently. By the end of the lesson he was doing great though and they ended on a good note.

Homeschooling: It was a quiet week for homeschooling. Both kids got all their work done without problem or complaint! We started using the Switched on Schoolhouse for science and Motocross Boy was very proud to announce he got 100% on the first assignment! I was very proud of both of them!

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