Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facebook and Homeschooling

Homeschooling: I'm not a big Facebook fan. My husband and kids have pages and use them fairly regularly. I have a page but don't use it. I felt bad so many people were inviting me to be their friend and not being able to say yes. So now I can say yes and not hurt their feelings I guess.

Facebook doesn't really have anything to do with homeschooling. The reason I even connected the two was this ARTICLE about a student who was suspended for starting a...a..."anti-fan" (??) page about a teacher at her school that she didn't like. She took it to court saying it was freedom of speech and her 1st amendment right to speak out against the teacher.

The judge said it was legal so long as it didn't disrupt school.

I started thinking about my kids' teacher, what if they decide they don't like me and start their own "anti-fan" page about me? What if they say I'm a mean teacher and don't let them ride horses or motocross bikes if they don't get their school work done? What if they say the work is too hard? What if they say I make them write sentences 100 times if they mouth off (I don't - couldn't resist though)? I couldn't expel or suspend them from school - that would be sort of pointless (though it's really pointless for schools to do it too considering the kids are there for an education but I digress). Maybe I could give them even MORE school work!

And what if my kids sued saying it wasn't fair that I was giving them too much school work and told the judge it was because I didn't like their facebook comments. The the judge would have to figure out if the facebook comments had disrupted our that might be tricky!!

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TCavanaugh said...

While it all sounds ludicrous, the way this world is it could happen. I don't think it could happen to you...Motocross Boy and Equestrian Girl just don't strike me that way. BUT! A different mother and kids...could happen.