Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow is coming...

Horses: It started out sunny this morning but snow is coming. 5-6 inches from the reports. Yeah!! It's been melting fast the last week or so and the mud has been oozing up so this might cover it up for a little bit if it stays cold enough.

Equestrian Girl had a lesson yesterday with Kim. You can see her legs growing out of Stanley's belly in the second picture! They worked for almost a full hour on Equestrian Girl picking up her diagonals without looking. She'd get it and then loose it. Then she'd have it down flat in one direction but not the other. It was a painstaking process so I hope like heck she HAS it now.

We've now been at Superior Stables for 3 full weeks and love it more every day. The ladies there just "get it". They truly care about the horses and are always very understanding and accommodating. I love that they stop to give Stanley nuzzles and kisses when we have him in the cross ties and I love seeing Jennifer's 5 year old son running up the shavings pile playing king of the mountain or sticking like velcro to his mom when she needs space. He makes me smile.

Motocross: BIG announcement on the motocross front. Motocross Boy is going ALL 85 this summer. That's an 85cc bike for those that aren't in the know. Scott is selling his 65 and 110 and has put a deposit on a second 85 so he has a backup bike. They have also decided that he won't do the series at MPX like we had expected. Instead he's doing the Great Lakes series which will take us all over southern Michigan to various tracks. Some we've been to before and some we haven't. If he does ALL the races we have on the chart we'll have about 6 dates that overlap with horse shows but that's pretty good out of 6 1/2 month season.

Motocross Boy has committed to working out and eating well so he can be strong and fast this season. He'll need it. The 85 is a bigger bike and if he's not strong, it will get away from him, not to mention that it's hard to get up if he falls with it.

I think this is a 2009 model and I believe the new one is a 2010. I have no idea if there's any difference.

Homeschooling: Last week was our first week using Switched on Schoolhouse for Language Arts. Equestrian Girl loved it and did very well. Now I'm worried it might be too easy. My only problem is that the program did not record her actually doing 3 of the 5 assignments. I'm guessing WE did something wrong but for the life of me I can't figure out what. If I open the assignments I can see her answers and I can click on save and close but still nothing...

Motocross Boy started out liking it until he started getting answers wrong. Then he got a little frustrated. He can't cheat (or at least he hasn't figured out how yet!) and I don't think he thought he needed to "read" the assignment to be able to answer the questions. His scores were low enough that even though the program marked them complete, I have reassigned them for this week - well everything except spelling which he did well on.

This week we are adding the SOS Science as well. I hadn't planned on starting it this week but I think the kids are burning out on the "How the Earth was Made" videos. We've done half of them and I'm still planning on finishing this series this year - we might just need to space them out a bit more.


TCavanaugh said...

Sounds like Equestrian Girl has her work cut out for her as does Motocross Boy. Sounds like the new schooling program is working out. Have a great week!

Pony Girl said...

Glad her lessons are going well, she looks like she is doing well in the pictures! I am always looking to see if I am on the right diagonal when posting. It drives me nuts! I guess I'm afraid my instructor will shout out at me that I'm on the wrong one and I'll feel silly, LOL! Hopefully after another month of lessons, I'll just know it by feel.