Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I don't have any brothers. I grew up with one sister and very normal, average American parents. It wasn't until I got married that I started figuring out that males are...different. When my son was little I was forever asking my husband and friends that had brothers, "Is that normal?" when he would do "boy" things. The other day Motocross boy was instructed to clean his room if he wanted to go to a hockey game with Dad. He called me in the middle of cleaning to ask me "how good" it had to be. I wasn't really sure what Dad expected since he was the one that had given the instruction so I told him to do the best he could.

This is where the bulk of what was on the floor went.
There might be clothes at the bottom but they sure aren't on the hangers! This is a deep closet too - at least 5 feet deep.

His other big concern was cleaning up these little orange and yellow things. They are pretty much all over his room.

I'll get closer so you can see them better.
Yes, they are tiny balls. and I do mean tiny. They are plastic bebe's (how do you spell that anyway?) for a be-be gun (bb gun?). Don't ask me why they are all over his room. Don't go there. I won't discuss it.

Boys seem to leave little piles of treasures everywhere. This one includes a toy car, a Q-tip, more bb's, 6 clear glass marbles from my vase, a magazine, a pencil, a GameBoy advance, the cover for an old school recorder, and a fake cell phone. Why?
Look at Equestrian Girl's room below - so neat and orderly and...girl-like!!
Boys are different.


Pony Girl said...

Holy cow! That is one messy space, LOL!
I have no brothers, either. My room was always cleaner than my sisters, but I had a lot of clutter. I'm a pack-rat! :) It was organized clutter, really!

Grey Horse Matters said...

My son was a slob when he was home. He seems to have grown out of it now that mom's not picking up after him anymore. The girls were much better.

Good luck with all that mess.

TCavanaugh said...

Sorry to say...my daughters' rooms (both of them) look similar (or worse) than Motocross boy's. Not necessarily a boy thing. :(