Friday, December 6, 2013

We Have a New Horse!

Two weeks after our visit to West Virginia to meet Mata Hari, we had her home! Rather than trying to navigate that mountain with my truck and trailer (a surely death defying feat), I hired a local shipper.  Although she arrived after midnight, it was worth it.  This pretty little mare had put up a fight getting on the trailer and leaving her home, but after that she was good as gold for the shipper getting off and on the trailer several times.

When she got to Foxcroft, her new home, she unloaded like a champ and just stood looking around in the dark while the shipper and I wrapped up business and reloaded a small pony that wasn't interested in leaving such a nice farm!

Mata Hari had never been in a barn so we weren't sure how she would feel about walking in - but she did just fine.  She had never been in an indoor arena, but she let Equestrian Girl lead her right on in - even before we found the light switches and were using the lights on our phones! We though she might want to run around a little and stretch her legs but she stuck right with EG.

Two tired but happy young ladies!

They explored the stuff in the corners of the arena.  MH was very interested in all of it but not at all spooky.

They walked over some poles, too.

Motocross Boy/Man had come along with us and had to get in on the action.  Mata Hari was starting to look really tired.

We changed her out of the sweat sheet we had shipped her in and into a light sheet since it was getting so cold that night and let her taste the nice hay in her stall.  She had never been in a stall like this either but she found it comfortable and cozy!

The next morning we took her out to her new temporary pasture.  She walked the fence line for a minute....

 took a short detour out to the middle to check out the logs...

headed back towards where we were standing with a couple stops for sampling the grass...

and then right back to us.  Such a sweet mare!  She totally ignored the horses across the driveway that were all lined up to watch her.

Our new horse was home!

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