Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Spur Banquet

Horseshowing this past summer was pretty relaxed with only 5 shows and Equestrian Girl was only doing the open classes - not age group division classes.   There were a few reasons for doing this but the biggest one was so they were competing against a more level playing field - one that included adults.  

I have always gone to the banquet and am always excited to go and be the club photographer as the awards are handed out but that changed this year.  Because I was scheduled to have surgery 4 days before the banquet, I wasn't counting on being able to go.  I handed over my ticket to Scott so he could take his daughter.  I don't think he was counting on having to share her with the new boyfriend...

She got all dressed up and did her hair so pretty!

She got Darryl dressed up too!

A selfie at the banquet - they are so dang cute!

Of course, not being there I didn't get the primo pictures so these will have to suffice.  Equestrian Girl won the overall open horse award - Grand Champion again!  The photo below is a composition photo by Eye of the Horse Photography in a beautiful frame.  Seeing it, now that Stanley is gone, made me cry.  What a great tribute piece to a wonderful horsewoman and the horse love of her life.
 And then they showed me the next award which was actually the overall championship award - I think the one above was for Senior Horse Western Pleasure.  Anyway, the one below was also super special - painted to look just like our Stanley!
 The other "big" award was this chair.  EG wasn't thrilled but I know this one is actually for me.  Mom needs a good chair, right?  Besides, I pay for all this!

Along with the big awards there were also a pair of really nice leather riding gloves and ....something else.  Once again, our friend Sheri outdid herself in choosing awards that were meaningful and special in every way.  The Spur Club has been such a big part of our lives for the past 5 years...it's going to be so strange not to be showing with them any more!

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