Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Big Adventure part 3

So while the clouds rolled in Equestrian Girl got to meet Mata Hari - the horse we were there to see if she could become her new eventing horse.  With Clarissa and Dennison's help, she was saddled up and EG led her out to the pasture we'd use as a riding arena - the flattest area on the farm.

Sto Lat, one of Clarissa's 4 stallions, kept careful watch.

Mata Hari was so sweet and pretty!  Clarissa and Dennison and been working with her a little bit over the past several weeks but she was still very, very green.

She seemed to be very curious about what was happening and liked Madison.
Clarissa started out lunging her.  She really wasn't interested in that at all.

Then Dennison took over for a bit.

Next it was time for a bridle adjustment before Dennison mounted up.

Dennison has was Clarissa calls a "survival seat" from breaking out young, green horses.

He looks rather evil with the hoodie on but it was cold and starting to drizzle. He was also a very entertaining and sweet young man!

He helped Madison mount up while he held Mata Hari.

 He reminded her to wave her hand over Mata Hari's head before getting on.  Something to let her know that she would soon have something over her in the saddle.

Mounted and leaning forward in "survival seat" mode just in case.

Mounting block moved and ready to go!

Having shown pleasure for so many years, EG immediately took Mata Hari to the "rail" or fence line and pushed her to walk along side of it.  This was a firs for Mata Hari but she listened well and was very interested in pleasing.

EQ was so focused.

Clarissa gave very little instruction letting them feel their way together but EG listened carefully when she did tell her what to do.

After many laps of walking around the rail, EG was very pleased to ask Mata Hari for a trot and got it!  The little mare wasn't 100% sure of what she was doing with a rider on her back and trotting, but off she went trying to please.  

With the trot under way, we called it quits as the rain started to come down harder and we were all getting pretty chilled.  It was an awesome first day!

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