Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Big Adventure - part 1

In October, Equestrian Girl and I set off on a big adventure.  Our first stop was at Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH.  While I have wanted to go to Congress for years, this was going to be one quick trip because it wasn't our REAL destination.  We were only stopping there to drop off a saddle we had sold.  A friend was going to hold it for our buyer who was from Canada.

We managed to spend a few hundred dollars in the VERY short amount of time we were there and snap this funny picture of me.

And then we hit the road again heading south east.

Pretty soon we were crossing the river into West Virginia and on our way to my friend Clarissa's house!

I got to be the passenger for most of the trip since Equestrian Girl had recently finished drivers ed and insisted on driving as much as possible.  I only have a FEW more gray hairs.

And not having to drive, I was able to take a few fun photos out the windows.

After a crazy scary drive up and around a West Virginia mountain, we soon made it to Clarissa's place and I finally got to meet a woman I've been talking with and emailing for about 7 years!!

This picture was actually taken just before we left but I like it better here.

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