Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big Adventure part 4

Sunday morning I was up with the chickens again.  Literally.  But we also woke to a bright clear sky and a beautiful fall morning.  As we went out to feed the horses and other critters, we were greeted by everyone!

First was Mata Hari and Liath Macha doing their best to look like the princesses they are.

Will, the Mustang Garden Gnome, looking quite handsome, was happy to see us coming.

And Ode, the Arab stallion...such a sweet boy and father of Mata Hari.  

Loki, the new boy, looks so regal!

But soon after wasn't feeling so well with a bit of a tummy ache until Clarissa doctored him up.

To the north of the farm...

To the west...

One of the roosters and cats.

And a few of the cats that stop by for breakfast every morning!

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