Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I've been back on crutches since the middle of November (although by the time you are reading this, I'm probably off them again).  The first time, back in May, I horrifyingly discovered that not only couldn't I use one leg for walking, I had lost my hands because they had to hold the darn crutches!  This had me totally confounded for several days but I gradually found that the waist band of my yoga pants could hold my travel coffee mug, a light tote bag was almost always slung over my shoulder to transport this and that, and pants with pockets became vital.

About the last week I was on those crutches someone told me that they actually make cup holders for them!  I was so excited knowing I'd be going this way again soon.  As soon as this last surgery was scheduled, I was on the search for the perfect cup holder.  I started out looking for a traditional type cup holder - one that was solid and clamped on to the crutch rail.  And then I stumbled on these little babies.

Crutcheze are really just two small pockets with some velcro.  Totally easy to make yourself if you were so inclined but absolutely perfect for what I wanted.  I ordered two.  One for each side.  I keep all my go everywhere with me essentials in one - my license, debit card, gas card, lip balm and phone.  I add other wallet stuff as needed but there's easily enough space to keep more.  The other one is reserved for liquids.  My travel coffee cups fit great as does a water bottle.  If I'm not transporting liquids, I might have other stuff stuck in there.  

They seriously ought to sell these things right at the place where you are picking up your crutches.  I wish they came in cool colors - or paisley!  I'd give an arm for them in a Vera Bradley type paisley!!!

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