Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Horse Day 2

We gave Mata Hari a day to settle in and then we told her "college" classes were starting.  Clarissa and I had discussed that her leaving her farm was like sending her off to college with Equestrian Girl and so it would be.

EG brought her in, let her have a few bites of hay and then taught her to use cross ties.  

Pretty soon she was tacked up and ready for a lesson with EG and Maggie.

They worked on the lunge line and learned so many new things that first day!

Maggie was a big help.  She loves starting green horses and they made a ton of progress.  This little mare is going to be so much fun!

They ended on a good note and Mata Hari went back out to her pasture.  We've never had a horse this green before so it's going to be a very big adventure in learning what to do with her to make her a supper eventing horse but we are in this for the haul and will do our best.  Equestrian Girl is taking jumping lessons on other horses and will soon start dressage lessons with Sue Hughes on Mata Hari.  We have lots going on but it's all good.

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