Monday, September 28, 2009

Motocross Mania at MPX

Motocross: It was a wild weekend of motocross with just about every kind of weather Michigan can bring on in 24 hours. I just downloaded over 400 pictures I took with the new camera...after deleting any that were even a little bit bad, I still have over 300 to sort through!! Yeah, I was a little bit trigger happy but got some awesome shots. I love this first one - it's almost a silhouette of Motocross Boy and the silos in the back are from the Pioneer Sugar factory. We were told they are processing sugar beets right now but I sure couldn't smell anything sweet!

The next one is Motocross Boy with someone hot on his tail in the 85 race and then the boy talking to Dad after the last race while putting the bikes back in the trailer. It was a fun day but no trophies...

Horses: We went over to ride Stanley today...he has a couple of new scrapes on his face that I'm not sure are from Sunday or today. Luckily they aren't real deep so they should heal up pretty quick. I had the Barn Owner keep his blanket on him today since it stayed so chilly. That was good - it kept him warm - but the top of it got pretty wet and it leaked a bit on his withers. I had brought a rain sheet and fleece under-blanket with us so we put those on and brought the other blanket home to dry. I need to spray it with water-proofing stuff too...

Only a few more days until the Sapphire Classic paint show in Mason. The forecast isn't great - high 60 and showers. I'm okay with 60 but I could do without rain. The arena is indoors but the practice rings are outside. Ick.

Homeschooling: Motocross Boy just lost another trick. He had been telling Dad he couldn't do stuff because I hadn't "approved it" on the computer so he was stuck and couldn't move on. Well Dad now knows how to do the approvals so we took away another excuse!

I read an interesting article today about some professor who thinks education could be improved if there were less students in the classes and the teachers had fewer papers to grade. I have only two students and grade very few papers since most of their assignments are on line and are graded for me. Guess my kids ought to be geniuses!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck at the show, hope it doesn't rain.