Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Madness repeated

Horses: The leaves are starting to turn around here. You can just barely see the start of them in this picture of Equestrian Girl with Stanley...I'm hoping this stand of woods beyond the outdoor arena is a riot of color this fall - it will be a great backdrop for pictures!

Stanley apparently developed a small patch of "rain rot" in the middle of his forehead. Odd place especially when he has no forelock to speak of to hold moisture in up there! But we've been using a soft curry on it and some medicated spray we had actually bought for his legs and it's working good. Almost gone already which is good since we have that next show in only 3 more weeks!

Motocross: With only one points race left in 2 weeks it's time for Dad to overhaul the bike to make sure Motocross Boy doesn't have a repeat of yesterday - quite a bummer day. It's amazing how many tiny things can go wrong on those bikes. It seems they have a check list a mile long and one loose screw can shut them down...

Homeschooling: I read an interesting article today about Obama's education speech from last Tuesday.
Apparently it's being seen as a much bigger public relations nightmare than anyone expected. It was also very poorly planned considering it was a lunch time and on the first day back to school for many kids. What teacher has time for that? The end result was that far fewer children ended up watching than anyone expected. Oh well!

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