Friday, June 23, 2017

The Next Generation

For 5 years Madison and I did horse shows with Sheri and her horse, Chilly.  We traveled the state doing APHA shows and were at all the local Spur shows together.  We were a mini horse show family.  Even after we sold Stanley, Madison partnered up with Sheri to show Chilly when Sheri was pregnant.  We spent many, many hours together helping each other and being a "team".

Fast forward a few years and that baby bump is now a FOUR year old!  Madison couldn't make it but I trucked myself out 2 hours to meeting up with Sheri and Mak last Friday to help with the showing the next day.

Sheri has a new truck and trailer so we had plenty of space.  And Make was a trooper hanging out with the big girls while we had some Sangria as a "sleeping aid" before bed.

The next morning, while Sheri was warming up for Showmanship, Mak and had fun messing around playing "Statue" and hide and go seek.  We also sent Madison goofy selfies!

Sheri was happy to place 3rd in a medals class for Showmanship.

Next up was lead line class.  We got Mak dressed in her cute little cowgirl outfit including her chaps. Sheri and I laughed that zipping "B" butts into chaps has become my specialty!  Oh how many times have I had to tell Sheri to suck in her butt so I could zip her chaps!

Ready for her lead line class and ready to show!

Mak did great showing off for the judges and came away with quite a haul in prizes for her first place finish!

I had a wonderful time back in the folds of my horse show family starting our next generation!

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