Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Momma's Shoes

My mom gave me these shoes after I graduated from college and entered the working world.  They had been her shoes when she was still working at Hudson's Department Store so at least 21 years old...they are black suede but almost feel like velvet.  The heel tips are metal and there are tiny metal studs at the tips of the toes. The made quite a racket when you were walking in them.  No padding either.

But they made me feel so beautiful and special because they were my mom's. And they started a rather amusing tradition that until just recently, I hadn't realized had started with this pair of pumps.  Almost every time I see my mom (once or twice a year these days), she ends up giving me a pair of shoes.  They usually aren't new, or at least brand new.  Most of the time they are shoes she bought because she liked them but decided they hurt her feet after she wore them once or twice. Some of my favorite shoes have ended up in my closet as hand me down's from Mom.

And it all started with this pair.  The inside liner is cracking and stiff but they are otherwise in pretty good shape.  I'm not sure why I've kept them.  I can still get them on but I'm not sure I could wear them for very long.  They are are about 55 years old...older than me.  But pretty dang cool that I still have them!


Rose Thompson said...

They sure don't make the like they used to! I dot think I've ever be able to wear such high heels. Beautiful shoes - I take it they don't fit Madision.

PaintCrazy said...

Rose, no, sadly her feet are bigger but considering my mom and I are 5'2" and Madison is 5'10", not too surprising!