Sunday, June 4, 2017

Horse Show!!!

It had been a YEAR since our last horse show!  I was dying...everyone knows I LOVE going to the shows with my daughter and our horses.  Love it.  Missed it!

This was to be Vince's FIRST show. First time away from the farm since we got him off the track the end of last July (other than switching barns a few weeks later).  He settled in good and I planted my self in my chair to absorb the environment!

A little later, we took him out to school in the big arenas on the show grounds. He started out a little hot but quickly settled down when Madison mounted up.

Within 30 minutes, he was much quieter and was doing well.

They schooled over some low jumps to get a feel for what the Jumper course would feel like.

The next morning - they were ready!  Although it was only a BIG schooling show, Madison was turned out to SHOW as she usually does.  The goal was just to get him through the course - nothing special and no worries about placing.

The first day they ended up with a 4th and a 2nd.

But Madison being Madison wasn't happy with red and white ribbons.  BLUE is her color.

And so she went and got herself a blue.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

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Rose Thompson said...

Congratulations to Madison - always nice to see hard work awarded :)