Monday, June 19, 2017's done!!

Going into last weekend I had ONE section of cabinets left to do.  Just three drawers and three doors.

They fit nicely on my work table in the middle of the kitchen.

And less than 48 hours later - it was done!!

And this side is done.

And these are done.

And yes, the whole dang kitchen is done!!!  Okay, well, its 98% done.  I still have to put the knobs and pulls on and paint the kick boards but it LOOKS done!!


Rose said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning!

OnTheBit said...

Was that easy to do? I want to repaint my cabinets, but I am so scared it is not going to turn out well.

PaintCrazy said...

I wouldn't say easy but it's certainly not hard. As you saw from my progress reports, it took me a LONG time but I did it in small, manageable sections that I could reasonably do in a weekend. My kitchen is big enough that I set up a table in the middle and used that as my work station and stored all my supplies under it so I wasn't pulling them in and out of closets or cabinets when I had time to work. Taking your time is key!